The game of light and shadow

My work is a constant queest for balance. Light and dark, the inner and outer shape, open and closed structures, my 3D constructions are always seeking balance.
Already years ago I was moved by architecture. Good examples of inspiration are the clay houses you find in countries like Mali with their flat roofs and visible beams.
Architectural constructions inspired me to create my objects. I combined ceramics and hand-made paper to try to find the balance between hard and soft, vulnerable
and strong. You can see that search for balance clearly in my earliest work.

I always wanted to create strong monumental objects. Open and closed structures, light and dark were the ingredients to balance the tension between the different flat sides.
Light and shadow became more and more important in my work. Certainly in the last few years, when I was building skeletons like 'Cocoons', light and shadow are the most
important elements. The transparence of the object and the rythm in the structure creates this play of light and dark. Changing the light will change the image of the object, but
the balance will not be disrupted.

Architecture is still a source of inspiration for me. Now I am working with different ensembles of housing formations. Contrasts are my building bricks. The contours and surfaces
are in balance with the reflection of light and shadow that these objects draw on the surface of the ground.