RAAM-co-productions - 2004 - 2010

RAAM- is a partnership with visual artist Linda Meulenhoff

2010 'Europe Travels'
Two 'day trips' in the neighbourhood 'Europe' in Purmerend.
In co-operation with Clup Welzijnswerk Purmerend
2009 Disclosure of 'The Ready Ear' 
8th March: International Women's Day
Anniversary of the commune for inhabitors of the Ismaliastraat 
2008 Assignment by the Town of Purmerend for the realisation of the sculpture 'The Ready Ear'
2007 Assignment by the Town of Purmerend for the first design of a sculpture which must express the feminists ideas by women over the last century. 
2006 'Genius Loci'
The assignment to write and develop the cultural project 'Genius Loci' in cooperation with Wherelant, Center for Arts in Purmerend.
The plan is financed by the Province North Holland.
Stichting Odion Purmerend
2005 Visual Visitors' book
Opening of the commune of the Ismaliastraat.
4-tych 'Communication'
Project 'Communication' together with the inhabitors of the Ismaliastraat.